Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Introducing X

Here's X

Full Name : Lee Xin
Age : 2 years 10 months
Favourite Drink : Milk
Favourite Food : Milk & Chocolate
Favourite Persons : Papa, Mummy & Rui Rui
Favourite Pastime : watching cartoon ( good concentration & long lasting), colouring, exercise, singing & dancing (cha cha!)
Favourite Characters : Barney, Mickey & Winnie the Pooh
Specialties : Singing Bible songs & nursery rhymes (most of which you may not understand) & acting!

Monday, January 03, 2005

A long way to go Man!

As an "aspiring scholar"(why are you chuckling?), I borrowed a book by RC Sproul -"Grace Unknown- The Heart of Reformed Theology" and discovered that the second part of the book is about TULIP. No! it ain't no flower! It's 5 points of reformed theology!

T - total depravity
U - unconditional election
L - limited atonement
I - irresistable grace
P - perseverance of the saints

Wow! Very deep Man! Free will, predestination, Calvinist vs Arminian, monergism vs synergism...don't quite understand but they sound good. Think I've been an Arminian without knowing it.

As I am reading the book, there is another issue about absolute truth pops up. Postmodern church? No abosolute truth? I've just been convinced by Greg Koukl and Frank Beckwith that there is such thing called absolute truth only to find out that there is such a movement called the emergent church which seems to say the opposite and seems to have emerged!

A long way to go Man, a long way to go.