Thursday, October 13, 2005

God Couldn't Make That Rock!

Sure you have heard of this question " Can God make a rock so big that He cannot lift? " Well, if you say yes, then God can make that rock but the problem is He can't lift it! If you say No, it sounds like God is not omnipotent after all!.

As for me, I may wanna answer "No!" the next time my friend asks me that question.( of course, after reading "Renewing Your Mind" by R C Sproul)

Can God die?
Can God be imperfect?
Can God go back on His word?
Can God lie?

If your answer is yes, then that god would not be God. But God cannot not be God.

"God cannot act contrary to his nature. This is not a limitation imposed on God by his creation, but an intrinsic, internal limitation."

The key to the answer is the meaning of the word "Omnipotence".

Omnipotence = God is in control of His creation & He exercises dominion over it.

Omnipotence does not describe God's nature so much as His relationship to the created order.

To say God could make such a rock is to say that there could be part the creation that is outside the scope of God's control = denial of God's omnipotence.

To say that God cannot build such a rock is not to deny His omnipotence, but to affirm it. How so? Because God is in control of His creation & He exercises dominion over it.


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  • Boss, please switch on your comment verification - then you can avoid all this spam. Anyway, good thought - but I will add this caution to the statement "God cannot act contrary to His nature" also, "God will not do so". You see all the rules, logic and principles we use to describe God, and He can and cannot do, are based on the reality of this universe He made. So when we discuss reality as He made it, we are talking about what He has chosen to do.

    By Blogger jacksons, at 9:17 AM  

  • Hi Leon, thanks for dropping by. Think u r the only guy (apart from spammers)who still remember this blog. Thanks also for your comments.They are important to me. Will keep them in mind.

    By Blogger Ambassador M, at 9:45 PM  

  • We can only wait a see it self-destruct!

    After 48 years of independence why should the government continue to encourage jealousy between races, and using that as a pretext to allow Umno to enrich themselves?

    The 30 years operative plan for NEP should have appeased the 1969 incidents, the cause of which is still yet doubtful, although the government has been brainwashing its people that it was due to so-called inequitable participation and distribution of assets among the various ethnic groups.

    It seems to me that the country is moving backward and one day our competitiveness will be as 'sunset'. The sun will not rise again as far as competitiveness is concerned. Everything is tie to the competitiveness.

    One of the examples is education. As pure common sense, education system is the top agenda in any country. Once a country plays a fool with it, the country will finished.

    Since the current administration is still in denial syndrome, where is our country is heading?

    When the country does not operate on sound principles, nothing you can do make our lives better in the long run.

    I can't help but to stress times and again the following point. The root causes of all problems facing Malaysians lie in our governance: Lack of accountability, integrity, meritocracy, transparency.

    All these problems we are discussing here are really not new. Frankly we can't expect accountability, integrity, meritocracy, transparency to happen naturally. Rightly, we should ask why accountability, integrity, meritocracy, transparency are so lacking in our land.

    As I watch this country over the years, there are many fundamental things that we overlooked. Instead, we are merely focusing on the periphery and that is why we never seem to get the country on the right path.

    The next is with regard to rule of law. What we have today is rule by law. Increasing we make laws that violet due process, usurp judicial review and erode human rights.

    Now, if all these are not right, how then can we have integrity, accountability, transparency and meritocracy? Remember the phrase: 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. Fix the fundamentals; the rest will fall in place.

    By Anonymous vesewe, at 4:23 PM  

  • With very good command in knowledge of law as well as loads of courage, it is not impossible to find there are us out there, that is brave enough to voice out our objection in topic like this.

    Australia must be a lovely place to live, but then some of us haven't been to Europe. Learning a new language must be very difficult for most people let alone speak so many languages. So the world could be more open for you than for others.

    I can personally relate to those who choose to leave for greener pastures. As a local undergraduate, I am seriously contemplating leaving the country to somewhere where I could be given the best opportunity to grow and succeed.

    And why is that? Simply because time and time again I'd been denied my deserved and rightful places in either government scholarships or universities, whereas scores of 'privileged' people get offered courses because of the racial policies.

    I honestly see no future in staying and trying to change things. Who knows, maybe the love of my motherland would keep me here, but my patience is wearing thin.

    Maybe the Malaysia government should run a check on how many students in NUS and NTU now are Malaysians, rejected by local Malaysia education system. They were forbidden their opportunity even though they were the best of the best.

    Since NEP, the gap between Malaysia and Singapore deepen, and this clearly proves what Malaysia government has done so far.

    The main problem is the Umno warlords have abused the NEP to such an extent that the intended recipients, poor rural malays never reaped the benefits. Therefore they justified the retention of this policy.

    Sometimes I wonder, do these political bigwigs actually take us people as idiots or what? I'd really like to see a government that is competent and fair for a change, but that is not going to be possible if everyone conveniently forgets about all these dumb things, the government did - when they go to the polls in the next election and give them another overwhelming majority win.

    For the non-malays, who most of them were the best of their faculties in Cambridge, were not required to work off their bonds. They were told to just wait for six-months and they would be free. And now, they are i-Bankers in London, New York and so on, without any real plan to come back Malaysia.

    The brain drain problem will continue on and on until those Umno warlords acknowledge their role in perpetuating the NEP as their personal cash-cow.

    If you want further brain drain of local talents, keep the way as it was now. I shall stand tall and look down on you.

    By Anonymous yoy, at 4:24 PM  

  • In Malaysia we have the crony group. They continuously recommend new rules and regulations to be implemented and legalised by their front liners, a.k.a. the government, to squeeze the normal folk of their pennies.

    Surprised? I am not.

    The Public Services Department (PSD) and their scholarship awarding criteria is a yearly event. It is an annual drama during which the non-bumi students protest after which the government will intervene and award them PSD scholarships.

    Why couldn't these deserving students been given scholarships in the first place? That is a question never answered. The drama will be played out again next year. Same play, different players.

    And imagine the horror when it was revealed that of the 12000 Approved Permits (APs) that were awarded in 2003, one single deserving human being in our beloved country was given 6000.

    He must be an immensely blessed human being to be granted such a privilege. But hey, the government is not answerable to you or to anyone. Our Barisan Nasional government is not concerned enough to come out and explain why such a privilege was granted to this one person in Malaysia. Never has, never needed to.

    Why do we have to work harder for a smaller share of the pie?
    Why do we keep paying a higher toll for the use of our highways? Where does all the money go?
    Why are the ministers children attending international schools instead of national schools?
    Why are the privileged ones getting away with criminal acts?
    Why was the Penang Outer Ring Road project given to a company without a background in constructing highways? Along with the privilege to develop prime locations on Penang island?
    And why do we now need to pay extra for a hologram label on our medicine? Who gets to make the contract to supply the hologram?

    Why? Because we live in Malaysia, and Malaysia Boleh.

    By Anonymous kelly, at 4:25 PM  

  • Government forces us to learn Bahasa Melayu. Looking the fact today, what rubbish use is it? Do you speak malay in Australia? No, yes you speak malay in Indonesia, but who will go such a moron country and have his career started over there?

    Bahasa Melayu sucks, I wonder why we should study this language first of all. English is always what we want it to be as the national language instead of Bahasa Melayu.

    Using English as an official language is the best thing to do, not for our own good but for your own good. Due to this stupid Bahasa Melayu, it distorted our English learning improvement. If it wasn't due to this language, my English wouldn't be so slack here……….

    So now those Umno morons finally see the importance of English, but limited by their narrow mind, they only change some the media language to English in the education system.

    20 years after the change from malay to English, they finally relalise that Bahasa Melayu did not bring any good improvement. But still in my school years I learn malay……….damn!

    Second of all, you are very narrow mind guy. Why should one in this world be patriotic to certain country and be faithful to them? World is world, everybody in this world are brothers, is it necessary to say that you belong to this region or something or so on!

    For countries like Singapore and western countries, they can have double citizenships, it is not a big problem at all if one's holding so many citizenships, because they understand the meaning about this. Only Malaysians having such narrow mind would care about those things……….

    Seriously, are you a Muslim? It means that your God says one has special rights than others?

    Immigrants? I don't think Malaysia can achieve half what they have without the immigrants. Do you seriously think that every things Malaysia have today are the effort of malays only? Indians and Chinese never even done anything?

    It seems like worshiping Allah give you a characteristic of humiliating and scolding others off, and racist claim - sons of immigrants.

    If there is a $$$ God, it will be better than Allah, the one you worship.

    You want to talk about descendents? Oh aren't you the immigrants from Indonesia? Whose ancestors are from Africa, who grand grand grand parents are Adam and Eve. After all we are still the same. Get it?

    God damn it, after 30 years Islam teaches out bunch of people that are racist towards other groups of people? Disappointing……….

    Tell yourself what can you do to the country? Do you certainly believe that people having same characteristic like you are the people who helped to develop this country?

    I want your own opinion, you think this is fair? You think this is right? After learning Islamic teachings for so many years, you agree with all those racist policies and called people sons of immigrants?

    Holy crap……….all the years what Malaysia have are narrow mind cunts like you, you are no different with the Umno morons.

    Tell me one of these government policies is wrong. Judge it. So you think that it is ok, if we don't like it, we get lost? Yes, I choose to get lost, I don't want pay my tax to a group of Umno morons to continue their unfair policies.

    Not peaceful enough? What makes the Malaysia peaceful?

    Of course Malaysia can still live in peaceful situation. Isn't African countries also peaceful? As long as you stay at home. You are peaceful!

    Let me tell you my perspectives. This land should belongs to no one particular race, should be multi-racial. Should run fair policies which is not one-sided. Should speak a common language - English.

    Sick anyhow, this country has no relationship to me anymore. I am in Singapore now, thank God. After graduation I definitely get a Singapore PR and I will surely apply for citizenship.

    Tired of people who keep avoiding the question. Vision 2020 going to be achieved by this group of morons? Keep on dreaming, don't need to reply my question.

    Once I have enough money, I will move all out from this moron country. I know what you want to say: "If you don't like it, get out from the Malaysia!" That is what typical moron will say.


    By Anonymous coolooc, at 4:28 PM  

  • Malaysia, the home to a variety of religions, races, cultures and beliefs comes with its fair share of taboos, most of which originate from superstitions and religious dogma. But there is a taboo that almost all Malaysians recognise, and that is talk about racial equality.

    This issue has been discussed over and over, though never openly. Despite rising resentment among the non-bumis, the racial status quo has remained as discriminatory as it has been since the birth of the affirmative action policy known as the National Economic Policy (NEP).

    No on second thoughts, the situation has never been worse. The NEP is currently being abused so badly that even some bumi Malaysians are against it.

    So, why is the talk of having racial equality such a taboo, especially when we are supposed to be living in a civilised world? Has it got to do with keeping national unity or has it got to do with arrogance and ignorance?

    Many have heard and how we are told that malay Malaysians deserve special rights and privileges. This line of thought is based on the belief that since the malays were here the longest, this is their country and any special treatment is justified.

    Although the NEP was originally meant to help the malays with the aim of closing the wealth gap between the malay and Chinese Malaysians, the seeds of racial dominance have inevitably been planted into the minds of many malays.

    Today, supporters of malay special rights seldom argue that affirmative action is to support the malays economically. Rather they see it as something they are born with - something inherent that cannot be denied them.

    Another argument put forth by the pro-malay special rights group is that, they made a compromise by giving the non-malays their citizenship and in exchange the malays must be given their special privileges.

    This last argument is the most ridiculous I have heard thus far but in their ignorance, some Malaysians still think that citizenship is for a certain race to give. This logic would mean that the minorities will always be seen as foreigners who will never be equal to the malay bumis.

    Creating a level-playing field does not mean that any race has the right to discriminate against the other races, no matter what the population figures are. This is the message we have to get across to the public and something that must be inculcated in our kids from an early age.

    Steps have to be taken now because racial polarisation has only worsened in recent years. The situation will only improve if we lobby the government to change the race-based affirmative action policy to a policy based on income brackets.

    This is to ensure that only the most deserving people are given special privileges and not only the malays. There are poor people from every race. It is unfair to continue to provide support to those in the middle and upper classes of our society over those in the lower income group.

    It has been more than 20 years since the NEP was introduced. I believe it is time that we worked towards a fairer and more equal system, a system that caters for the different levels that exist in the Malaysian society, without discrimination.

    In order for us to compete internationally and to solve problems such as brain drain and national unity, the abuse of the NEP has to stop. No amount of national service can right the wrong done as a result of misusing the NEP.

    It is also obvious that if the minorities are the only people to lobby the government, the dream of racial equality will remain a dream. Therefore, I implore Malaysians to rise up together to this challenge, to work against discriminatory policies and to push for good reforms.

    Even the government must see that good reforms are viable and necessary for the future of this country and its people.

    By Anonymous pang, at 4:30 PM  

  • "The Malays are lazy, the Indians cannot be trusted and the Chinese are greedy."

    The above statements said a lot of things about the unity in this Malaysia country. The statement implied a great failure on the part of government through the government policies in share, education (the major one), contract giving, and so on. You can name it.

    Through the "divide and rule" policies, each race become suspicious to one another and result was the above finding.

    Our Malaysia reporters and editors all do great injustice to us and to our future generations. We no longer publish the truth but slants, half-and no-truths and propaganda. The press misinforms. They all have secret agendas. A noble profession has turned into the oldest profession. Oh woe.

    See, journalism is no more a profession in this Malaysia country. It is just another occupation for BN pet poodles, hangers-on, mercenaries, and profit motivated businessmen.

    By Anonymous julee, at 4:32 PM  

  • The reason is to help malays so that they can be at par with other races. They get all this sorts of privileges and advantages that in the end it all goes down to drain just like that. Scholarships, 7% discount on properties purchase, matriculations, Mara and the list just goes on.

    Well, I did agree at first with this. But hang on, 2005-1957 is 48 years and that is like 2 generations of human being……….what happen now? Are they at the same level with other races? In a way yes, but every way is no. I do not think so.

    Malays take all these advantages as their rights and not as a stepping-stone for them to move forward. The question is how long more do they need the government to support and feed their mouth? If you ask me that, I'd say that they need not even a single second more for all the privileges that they have. 48 years is more than enough for them to realize that they need to change.

    Can someone please tell me which race in Malaysia that top the chart in drug addiction? Can someone please tell me which race in Malaysia that is in the 'deans list' for raping, illegal racing and gangsters? If that is what the privileges do to them, perhaps we should give them more privileges so the malays who do that will just extinct in this world leaving only the 'enlightened' one.

    While the malays are 'bestowed' with all the privileges, other races are working hard to change their fate themselves realising that the government places a greater emphasis only on malays. I have seen this and I speak from experiences. While the non-malays are working hard, the malays are lazing around because they know that government will back them up. Well, which one do you think will excel more? The one that has no advantages but work hard or the one that has all the advantages but do nothing?

    I did not say that they are all like that. Some do take full use of the advantages and they really excel. As a malay, I guess that they need to learn the hard way like other races do. Give them what they deserve or distributed the resources equally.

    Am I one of them? I guess I compete fairly in my study. I refuse to go to boarding school when I get the offer and I am thankful for that. Boarding school only narrows your scope of thinking because you are just interacting with the malays. I wholeheartedly agree with the real meritocracy effort by the government. Learn the hard way man!

    Feel free to share them with your friends (however be careful) and am willing to opine more.

    I believe it is possible to get your message across without having to resort to name-calling. Let us not be racist for the sake of Malaysia and its people, no matter how much we resent some of the government policies that have impacted our lives.

    By Anonymous romsam, at 4:33 PM  

  • Academic qualification is usually an indicator of achievements. However, over the last three decades, qualifications from Malaysia are suspects. Further, appointment to teaching posts in universities might not reflect ability.

    So when a malay is appointed, the tendency is to think that he is a product of the NEP, in the sense that he could not be there based on meritocracy. People perception take time to change. The change might take place long after the NEP has been banished.

    You cannot appoint a non-malay to the position and expect him to perform when he is expected not to rock the boat. He or she had to accept the Umno standard of meritocracy which is merito-crazy.

    As has been said elsewhere, meritocracy is an anathema to the NEP and although world-class university is aspired, the NEP is not only more desired but a non negotiable imperative and cornerstone in every other aspect of national life.

    The politics of race has already started in the 1960s when Ungku Aziz was arguably appointed as the vice chancellor (VC) or of University Malaya over the better qualified professor Wang Gung Wu. From 1960s until now, one just has to ask, has politics defined by ethnicity be less or more? The answer is obvious.

    The criteria are still not world-class criteria of getting the most qualified person based on merits to be the VC of whatever race, nationality, gender and creed.

    The nation premier university need antidote to relieve back the glory day of the university.

    What is of concern now is that the government is limiting itself on the choice because of political expediencies. It has been proven that many CEOs or VCs are not capable yet the government cannot seem to accept it. When opportunities arise, the government time again is blinded by its selfish agenda and thus depriving us of having the best talent appointed.

    Since when has our 'Malaysia Boleh' spirit being influenced by other or international standard and assessment when the latter is inexpedient or inconvenient?

    We just don't care. For examples: we did not run to IMF when the hedge funds attacked our currency; we did not care about international opinion when we prosecuted our deputy premier for sodomy and gave him a black eye;

    we certainly do not care for international opinion questioning the oddity of why affirmative policies are institutionalised here to favour the majority when world over there - they are institutionalised to favour the minorities.

    In the absence of alternatives - since pride, politics, NEP and hubris, will always be the imperatives, it is really the only way to go!

    By Anonymous fong, at 4:36 PM  

  • As half-a-dozen graduates in my firm, the difference in the maturity of thinking between a foreign graduate and the local graduate is patently obvious.

    It is a well-known fact that Malaysians who study medicine in the UK don't come back. I do not blame them since the starting salary of a doctor in a Malaysia public hospital is RM1400 whereas in the UK for example, it is around RM20000.

    Say what you want about the narrow-minded mentality of Malaysian students but it cannot be an excuse to deny him the opportunity to pursue his dreams especially when he has proved his capability.

    Malaysia has been a great country but certain practices by the government are causing certain people to leave.

    I love my country no doubt, but love for my country does not make me a 'yes-man' for obviously biased government policies. It happens a little too much, in case you didn't notice.

    In the end, it is Malaysian taxpayers who end up paying for nothing.

    By Anonymous samp, at 4:37 PM  

  • It is an unnecessary obstacle.

    The traditional ties between Australia and Malaysia have historically been strong. Both countries should not have to suffer setbacks because of the irrational demands and inordinate politicking of politicians who should know better.

    It is not an Asian value to show ingratitude to countries like Australia and New Zealand that have been the region traditional friends. Malaysia should show its sincerity by helping Australia's efforts in juxtaposing with Asia. Ironically, it is Indonesia which is now doing that.

    People-to-people relations among Australian and Asean countries have always been sound and friendly. But the actions of individual politicians and their personal differences have soured bilateral relations in the past.

    Australia has much to offer Asean countries in the way it functions as a democratic nation and its educational and research resources. Asean countries meanwhile will continue to provide for Australia a huge pool of talent, a huge market for Australian products and services and an enrichment of Australian society through cultural diversity.

    In the war against corruption, there is much Asean countries can learn from Australia. Often, governments think in terms of the detection and punishment of corrupt acts. But it is the preventative measures that offer a better solution.

    Australia relatively transparent bureaucracy, the rule of law, a free media, community attitudes and other checks and balances ensure corruption is not a serious social problem unlike in several Asean countries. The Australian police forces in particular, have been the subject of many inquiries in different states that have resulted in prosecutions.

    A win-win result for the region is only possible when politicians think beyond narrow politics for the benefit of true regional cooperation and mutual economic prosperity.

    That should be the spirit of Asean.

    By Anonymous konek, at 4:39 PM  

  • I always welcome healthy debate and I think debates help clarify matters and promote mutual understanding........

    There are rich bumis and poor non-bumis. NEP itself codifies that the poor non-bumis are not entitled to the same benefits as their rich bumi brethren. Isn't that discrimination?

    Since when is opposing discrimination synonymous with bumi-bashing? What is wrong with extending help to all deserving citizens based on needs and merits regardless of race?

    What I am against is the wholesale government subsidy to a particular race, regardless of their social-economic background. This policy not only places tremendous burden on the taxpayers, but also has a debilitating effect on the psyche of the recipients, as vocalised with regards to the crutch mentality.

    When people talk about the apparent inadequacy of bumi students and the malays in particular, they are merely stating a reality, they are not bumi or malay-bashing.

    People voice their grouses with the hope that the people in power will start to face up to reality and take steps to arrest the free fall in education standards. But while the powers-that-be indulge in self-denial, the education standards continue its free-fall.

    In a mature democracy, people have the right and duty to continuously give input to the government. That helps to keep the government in check. Democracy doesn't mean voting every five years and the people's mandate is not a blank cheque. Being vocal about your view is part of the democratic process.

    People that are disparaging of the government's policies and ineptness are so because they love the country too much to leave it to a handful of politicians. If we don't love the country and its people, we won't give a hoot if it goes down the drain.

    A better stand for an opposition coalition to take is the fight for a democratic, just, pluralistic and secular Malaysia - free from racial, religious divisions and unjust laws and practices.

    We need such an opposition to be strong, so that they can challenge the views of 'enemies of disunity' such as your good-self.

    By Anonymous miya, at 4:42 PM  

  • What the many stupid comments by a fourth class mentality of Malaysia ministers! Instead all this BN donkeys and monkeys as well as parrots should be grateful to us as voters to put them there in the first place.

    They are matured politicians but speak like 12 years old kids……….how can this happened - are they being too free for social work? Too busy to grasp 'people money' until don't know how to think properly.

    Their all childish humour is the downfall of this country. Those who have voted them are the most stupid being earth ever breed.

    From those speeches by those so-called politicians who claim to work for those stupid people who voted them, it is very clear that those politicians join politics just to make money out of corruptions. Their speeches already justify that and it cannot be deny.

    No surprising! I know of several ministers who are just into politics for the money and glory. It is time for all of us to rise up to the occasion and show them what people power is all about.

    And the disgusting part is, they show to the public that they are really doing their jobs by inviting the press to publicize whatever small things which they do for the community, such as planting a small tree or operate a bulldozer by moving it a few feet.

    Those who voted BN, where is your government during oil hike when you need them? Your BN advice is eat less and enjoy less. Petronas is making profits. Where is the money? Take a look at the leaders, big cars, big condos, big feasts and big spending.

    Cabinet et al……….a bunch of hypocrites. To those who tell us to 'change our lifestyles', please walk the talk, get rid of the Perdanas, Mercedes, BMWs, and get on the LRT, commuter and buses for the rest of your natural life!

    If you live in the kampung with no public transport, take the bicycle or walk! Otherwise, you have no moral authority to tell normal citizens how to live their lives! So talk to the hand because the ears are not listening!

    As for Najib, how about telling your family to take the public transport for a month? Changes start from the top. Show us that you fellows can do it and not burn more holes in the national budget. Stop the tradition of utilising every cent of money available on unnecessary items.

    Be thankful for what we had done - vote them again for greater corruption and higher fuel price. It is what we want - that is what we get!

    3 words for the government - 'disgrace disgrace and disgrace'. 3 words for the BN voters - 'shame, shame and shame'.

    In Europe, it would not take long for the people to topple the government, e.g. France. What make the ruling party so special that their interests are more important that the people of Malaysia?

    Majority of the population of registered voters don't belong to any political party. Political party got no say that they represent their ethnic groups. Only handful are members and they claim that 100 percent or 90 percent has fully agreed BN plans.

    As you can clearly see and if I can say so myself, majority of Malaysians want change! They are sick and tired of ministers and government officials paying lip service to their people and the respective constituents.

    Those who speak out for a fairer political environment and justice in the best interest of Malaysia and its ordinary people are real courage people.

    By Anonymous kentanjim, at 4:44 PM  

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  • How come apologetics post become a forum for politics ar? hhehehe...

    By Blogger The Hedonese, at 9:44 PM  

  • The first time I visit yr blog..I'm glad someone in KL is reading RC sproul book. I remember Stephen Tong, say something that God voluteering limited himself to his attribute, the Son limited himself to the flesh, the Spirit limited himself to the bible. There some truth in it.

    By Anonymous John, at 7:37 AM  

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  • It is good.........keep it up. Freedom to express one's thoughts help the nation grow forward.

    By Blogger Carol, at 5:58 AM  

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